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Happy holidays from data.europa.eu

Wishing you a merry Christmas and sharing some special datasets with you

The team behind data.europa.eu wishes you all a merry Christmas and happy holidays. As we prepare for the festivities and celebrations, we want to share some special datasets with you, that you might not usually think of.

If you live in London or Barcelona for instance and want to know where you can deposit your Christmas tree, you can find a register of pick-up and recycling points on data.europa.eu. If you are looking to visit a Christmas market in Germany, data.europa.eu can help you find the right place. Perhaps you want to check what the chances are for having a “white Christmas”, you can find data on snowfall and weather conditions on data.europa.eu as well.

Try out some of those searches and stay tuned for more data coming up next year. Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, or subscribe to our newsletter

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