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Mapping Digital Social Innovation

Discover DSI's new analyses on how technology is tackling society's biggest challenges

The Digital Social Innovation (DSI) is an initiative that aims to harness technology to improve people's lives, empower citizens, make government bodies more accountable and transparent and to create a more environmentally sustainable society. To accomplish this, the initiative explores the different fields of digital social innovation and engages in research and supporting activities that help people and organisations across Europe tackle social challenges with digital technologies.

Recently, the DSI published their new analyses in six different "clusters":

  1. Skills and learning.
  2. Health and care.
  3. Food, Environment and Climate Change.
  4. Digital Democracy.
  5. Migration and integration.
  6. Cities and urban development.

Each cluster focuses on different societal challenges and is led by one of DSI's partner organisations across Europe. The partner organisations were selected based on their experience and knowledge in that area.

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