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News from the Open Data Portals of the EU member states

Romania supports Open Government

Spotted on the Romanian Open Data Portal

"The Ministry of Public Finance published a draft order on the publication of datasets on registered taxpayers (economic actors and public institutions) on the portal. The ministry initiated the draft order that amends and supplements the Order of the Minister of Finance no. 1.485 / 1999 for the publication on the Ministry of Finance's website of information on registered taxpayers. This helps the public to find, download and use open, accessible datasets held in the databases with information gathered from the documents submitted by the taxpayers to the units subordinated to the Ministry of Public Finance.

This measure reaffirms the commitments regarding the observance of the basic principles of transparency and open government and aims at achieving the objectives assumed by the Romanian government within the Open Government Partnership. The datasets will be published / updated twice a year in an open format. The data can be downloaded / viewed for a period of ten years after the update. "

Read the article on the Romanian Open Data Portal.

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