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Open Data in Croatia

Multiple events to discuss next steps on Open Data

The Open Data Portal of Croatia celebrated its one year anniversary last week, a good moment to get together and discuss the next steps on Open Data. To do so, events are organised to discuss the state of play of Open Data in Croatia and future actions. Activities will also take stock of the developments throughout the European Union and in the Digital Single Market to identify priorities for the future.

The events will connect supply and demand of public Open Data in both national and regional/local levels. These will include both users and publishers. They will give information on upcoming calls regarding public Open Data such as the CEF Telecom Call to engage discussions on possible projects and cooperation. The events will take place in Rijeka (2nd June 2016) and in Osijek (9th June 2016).

In addition, the Open Government Partnership Initiative has announced a call in Croatia to identify priorities for publishing open government data. Suggestions, which will be collected through the Croatian Open Data Portal, will be discussed in June in order to set priorities in publishing Open Data and to define long term goals.

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