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The Open Data Inventory (ODIN) 2018/19 report

The Open Data Watch released their fourth annual report discussing the openness of official statistics

The Open Data Watch (ODW) is an organisation that aims to promote open data usage in policy-making and implementation to eradicate poverty, fight inequality and promote inclusive and sustainable growth. The organisation seeks to increase data's impact on society by improving statistical capacity and encouraging strong political leadership for data. One method of doing this is with their annual report, the Open Data Inventory (ODIN) report.

The ODIN 2018/19 report assesses the openness of official statistics in order to identify gaps in data, promote open data policies, improve access and encourage dialogue between national statistical offices and data users. The report is the ODW's fourth annual report and includes over 170 countries.

The ODIN 2018/19 report shows that most countries have made great progress to improve the openness of existing data. Many of the high scoring countries either amended or adopted an open term of use policy or developed a new data portal.

For more information on how countries progressed in opening data and the remaining challenges, read the ODIN 2018/19 report.

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