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TransparencyCamp comes to Europe

Amsterdam will host an 'unconference' on Open Data in June

After several successful transparency camps in the United States, the Open State Foundation and the Presidency of the Council of the European Union now bring this event to Europe. TransparencyCamp Europe is an unconference that focuses on Open Data as a new technology but also how it affects EU policies, our understanding of the policies and how to stimulate governments to open up throughout the Union.

During this unconference, participants from all over Europe with different backgrounds will get together. As it is an unconference, these participants will have complete power over the agenda. This means that if you have a burning topic you would like to discuss, you can submit your proposal. To hold this session, one of the 7 available rooms will subsequently be granted to you for 45 minutes to lead the discussion on your topic of choice. The attendance of the event is free of charge and will take place on 1 June in Amsterdam.

Do you want to discuss Open Data with participants from all over Europe? Register now by following the link below.

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