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Ukraine is a trend-setter in publishing finance data

The country has made significant progress with the E-data platform

Ukraine is a trend-setter when it comes to opening up finance data in Europe. As one of the fast-trackers of the Open Data Maturity assessment of 2020, the country has shown substantial progress in publishing finance data on the online platform E-data

This platform is in fact a collection of three portals: 

  1. Spending: a dataset of all transactions from the State Treasury;
  2. OpenBudget: a knowledge base containing budgets of local administrations;
  3. ProIFIs: an information hub for social and investment projects financed with government loans.

These portals not only increase accessibility and transparency of finance data, they also facilitate re-use. For example, several civil society initiatives use Spending as the big-data source for machine learning models that inspire policy recommendations.

In addition, the OpenBudget portal includes BOOST, a World Bank methodology-inspired analytical tool that enables students, data scientists, and researchers to conduct complex analyses like datamining.  

Curious to discover more? Have a look at the E-data platform.

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