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What is your ideal Open City?

Open Cities Summit 2016 calls for posters

In the first week of October, the capital of Spain will be all about Open Data. During this week, experts from all over the world will gather for the International Open Data Conference to discuss Open Data and all its facets. Prior to this conference, several pre-conference events will be organised on specific fields or applications of Open Data, for example the Open Cities Summit on 5 October.

During the Open Cities Summit, speakers and participants will highlight how Open Data is being used around the world to improve the lives of citizens at a city level. This event will facilitate the exchange of best practices around Open Cities. Breakout sessions will further debate upon four identified challenges faced when creating Open Cities. These challenges are:

  • The management of an Open Data Policy
  • Urban Planning
  • Environment
  • Competitiveness

The exchange of best practices will be done by various presentations of the speakers but also by a poster session, enabling all participants to show their ideal Open City and related practices. For this poster session the organisation calls for your participation and encourages you to submit a poster before August 15.

Are you working on Open Data at city level or do you have a clear vision how Open Data can be used at this level? Share your experiences and participate in this event! Want to know more? Follow the link below.

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