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Working with Open Data

Discover insights into how companies use open data and what challenges they face

In June 2019, Mauro Pellegrini - founder of Ieendii and - launched a survey to understand how companies use open data and what issues they face when collecting and processing data. The survey was sent to 180 companies that have developed applications by using open data in the European Union. The 180 companies were found via the EU Open Data Portal, the European Data Portal, Open Data Incubator Europe (ODINE), and the EU Datathon websites.

The final report that is based on the results from the survey, draws several conclusions, namely:

  1. Most companies did not receive external funding to develop applications that use open data.
  2. Many different types of applications were developed, such as applications that address the environment and climate change, or applications that focus on political activity and public administration transparency.
  3. Google is used a lot when searching for data.
  4. Many different sources are used (minimum of two sources) to create an application.

Find out more about the results and insights in the online report.

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