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  • Economy & Finance
Statistics Estonia provides several visualisations of economic figures for Estonia, Finland, Sweden, Germany, the Russian Federation, Latvia, and Lithuania. On the website, several graphs show actuals and trends of export and import products, trade balances, the destination and shipping countries of products.
  • Economy & Finance
The Estonian Heatmap shows an overview of various economic and financial trends in terms of average wage, capacity utilisation, core inflation, economic sentiment, employment rate, unemployment rate, vacancies and demand limiting in construction, industry, or services. The map and the source data presents statistics from 2005 onwards.
  • Education, Culture & Sport
Haridussilm, i.e., the Estonian Education Statistics Portal, provides data of primary, general, secondary, vocational and higher education, and monitors various indicators such as, success of lifelong learning or labour market statistics. The website provides a useful tool for education representatives and policy makers to keep track of their education strategy goals and quantify their progress towards those goals.
  • Health
This website shows a map with the locations of general, hospital, and veterinary pharmacies in Estonia. Following the 2020 pharmacy reform, many pharmacies in Estonia had to close down and access to medicine became more restricted. This application provides an apt solution to this limitation.
  • Population & Society
The Tree of Truth is a dashboard showing Estonia’s progress towards national strategic goals on the basis of national statistics. The website provides information on topics such as security and defense, foreign policy, law, agriculture, energy, transport, culture and sports, education, research and development, welfare, health, and environment. These topics are organised along tree-branches, hence the website’s name.
  • Economy & Finance
Started as an alliance of advisory firms in the Baltic States, and headquartered in Estonia, CIVITTA is now the leading management consultancy from Central Eastern Europe.
  • Transport
Bolt offers transport services and recently also food delivery services to its customers through their application.
  • Government & Public Sector

Provides transparency about the usage and performance of Estonian state services - the connection between institutions and citizens.

  • Population & Society

This website displays both historic and present pictures from Estonia and thereby shows how places have changed over time

  • Health

Xpressomics is a Google-like search engine for genetic data