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City of Amsterdam showcases open data applications

Amsterdam collaborates with 8 other cities to improve public sector services

On 17 June, DataLab Amsterdam hosted the meetup "SCORE - open data applications for Amsterdam and Europe". SCORE - Smart Cities Open Data Re-use - is a European Union (EU) funded project that started in 2014. In the project, nine cities in the North Sea Region work together to increase the efficiency and quality of public services. The nine cities develop solutions for public service challenges that are based on open data, and that improve public sector delivery.

During the meetup, the city of Amsterdam showcased three applications that are jointly developed together with small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), research centres, and universities. One of the applications is an interactive map of Amsterdam that shows locations of smart devices that collect data in public spaces, such as cameras or sensors that measure traffic. The aim of the application is to increase transparency about how and where the city of Amsterdam collects data about its citizens.

Besides showcasing open data applications, the city of Amsterdam invited the Foundation for Public Code to discuss the concept of public code - a code developed with the public interest in mind, that can be deployed by cities in their operational and policy processes in order to better safeguard public values.

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