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DCAT-AP v1.1 endorsed

ISA Committee meeting results in endorsement of DCAT-AP v1.1

At the ISA Committee meeting of the 15th of December 2015, EU Member States endorsed the DCAT Application Profile for Data Portals in Europe (DCAT-AP) version 1.1, released on the 3rd of November 2015.

Not only the European Data Portal is implementing the DCAT-AP as the common vocabulary, but numerous other countries including Belgium, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland are in the process of implementing DCAT-AP as well.

The new version aims at improving the discovery of datasets, ensuring compliance with DCAT, simplicity and application domain neutrality.

Read more: https://joinup.ec.europa.eu/community/semic/news/dcat-ap-v11-endorsed-isa-committee

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