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Digital Day 2020 in Germany

The organisation of the Digital Day 2020 has now published an overview of the impact of the event and freely available content, such as webinars, online.

Germany celebrated Digital Day 2020 with many high-profile guests, such as government officials and business leaders, on 18 June 2020. The organisation has now provided an overview with the impact of the event and has made all content freely available online. The Digital Day is connected to 1,435 campaigns related to digitalisation across Germany. The theme of the event was "Digital for all” with a focus on digital participation. The event also celebrated winners of digital projects focusing on “digital coexistence” with three categories: Digital participation, digital engagement and the corona special prize. Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier virtually announced the winners (Dorf.Zukunft.Digital, Tatkraftig, and Rettungs-Ring) of the "Prize for Digital Coexistence".

The webinars, slides and videos of the Digital Day can be found on the website in both English and German. The digital sources also provide more insights into data usage, open data, and data-driven applications such as Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning solutions.

The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the importance of digital inclusion, not only in Germany, but across Europe. The use of open data is facilitated by digital infrastructure, but not all layers in society experience the same quality or access to digital infrastructure. The Digital Day 2020 has highlighted the importance of digital inclusion and digital participation, which is also relevant for (open) data harvesting and collection.  

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