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EU launches nano-pharmaceutical project: Phoenix

An innovation project that aims to create an “Open Innovation Test Bed”

A part of the EU’s Horizon2020 Framework Programme an innovation project that aims to create an “Open Innovation Test Bed” for nano-pharmaceuticals – “Phoenix” – was launched on 1 March 2021. This cross-European project is coordinated by the Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST) and consists of 11 partners from academia and industry across Europe.

Nano-pharmaceuticals have the potential to drive scientific and technological development in Europe and offer great clinical and socio-economic benefits to society, industry, and patients. Yet, due to the lack of resources, the production of innovative nano-pharmaceuticals is challenging for many players in the EU nanomedicine market. Phoenix is designed to enable seamless, timely, and cost-friendly transfer of nano-pharmaceuticals from lab bench to clinical trials by providing the Phoenix-Open Innovation Test Bed (OITB).

This “test bed” will offer a consolidated network of facilities, technologies, services, and expertise for all the technology transfer aspects from characterisation, testing, verification up to scale-up. In addition, it will develop and establish new facilities and upgrade existing ones to take them available to small- and medium-sized enterprises, start-ups, and research labourites for scale up. In doing so, the project aims to generate new services that are open to the public so the quality of nano-pharmaceuticals can improve.

Curious to learn more? Read more about the project.

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