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Find geospatial data from around Europe!

PublicaMundi allows users to easily access and re-use published geospatial data

PublicaMundi is a research project that aims to make open geospatial data easy to publish, view, and re-use, to build value added services. PublicaMundi builds on open source software for geospatial data management, using tools such as Rasdaman and PostGIS to support promoting geospatial data. All the software, publications, and data on PublicaMundi are offered with an open knowledge license to support the work of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), researchers, and the geospatial data community.

PublicaMundi is one of the over 500 use cases published on the European Data Portal. If you are aware of another inspiring use case, share your experience and knowledge about different applications and websites using open data with the EDP via mail, Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn.

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