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Open Data Geo Team Wins 1st BMVI Data Run

Transport solution project from con terra, Esri and Geocom satisfies jury and public

A real-time traffic guidance system, devised and prototyped by the joint team made up of the companies con terra GmbH, Esri Deutschland GmbH and Geocom Deutschland GmbH, has won two of the three categories in the 1st BMVI Data Run.

The BMVI Data Run, held on 13-14 November, was the first German Government 'Hackathon' event, hosted by the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure (BMVI).

The winning project, entitled 'Real-time traffic guidance based on geo data mining', used data from the Federal Highway Research Institute (BASt). The data included traffic volumes, traffic reports, and environmental information relating to noise barriers, and was augmented by data from open geo data sources.

The Aurelia project from Munich Innovation Labs won the prize in the category creative. Based on data from the Federal Maritime and Hydrographic Agency (BSH), enriched with data on jellyfish growth, the team developed a predictive model for jellyfish movements in the sea.

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