Thank you for joining the EDP's webinar! |
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Thank you for joining the EDP's webinar!

Thanks to those who joined the webinar "Open Data Maturity 2018 report Top Three Performers"

On 12 June the European Data Portal (EDP) hosted the webinar "Open Data Maturity 2018 report Top Three Performers" to discuss open data maturity across Europe! The webinar complemented the EDP's latest analytical report on Open Data best practices in Europe's Top Three performers, which offers a practical guidebook for policy makers and portal managers towards a successful open data transformation at national level.

The webinar hosted representatives from the Irish, Spanish, and French national open data portal teams, and the EDP's Gianfranco Cecconi - co-author of the Open Data Maturity report 2018. The speakers discussed open data best practices from their respective countries, the common factors between the three countries that helped them achieve and sustain ambitious open data policies, and the trends and developments at EU and country level along the four assessment dimensions: policy, portal, data quality and impact.

If you could not attend the webinar, don't worry! The recordings of the webinar are now available online.

Questions about the Open Data Maturity 2018 report and its top three performers? Contact the EDP by mail! Interested in finding out more about the 2018 European Open Data maturity assessment and the yearly progress across Europe? Visit the European Data Portal's Open Data Maturity Dashboard and check out your country's results!

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