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UniversiDATA’s launches their first datathon!

Share your proposal to showcase your project by Friday 14 October 2022


Are you interested in data analysis? UniversiDATA – an open data portal on higher education in Spain - is launching their first datathon! The aim of the datathon is to provide participants with a space to showcase projects that process open data to create services, promote and encourage the re-use of the shared projects, and facilitate the sharing of knowledge and experience. The datathon is open to everyone above 18 with tax residence in the European Union, such as students, developers, researchers, or citizens interested in (open) data analysis.

The datathon is divided in two phases:

  1. Elimination phase. A jury of experts will evaluate all applications along four criteria – impact, quality of the proposal, presentation, and (re-)usability. After the evaluation, a maximum of ten finalists will be selected and announced on 14 November 2022 and will pass to the next phase. This phase is relevant for those interested in showcasing their project and service. For those interested in participating, register via this form before Friday 14 October 2022.
  2. Final phase. Finalists will present their project(s) via a videoconference to the members of the jury on 16 December 2022. Following all presentations, the three winners will be announced. This phase is relevant to everyone.

The winners will receive a total of EUR 3 500. Other finalists will receive a diploma of recognition.

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