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Which country in the EU has the most annual holidays?

France has the most annual holidays on average, while Ireland has the least

Everybody can use a break once in a while to relax, spend time with their family or to travel the world. During the autumn period it is a good time to think back of the summer holidays you had and to plan the holidays for next year. Open Data allows you to compare the average annual holidays per country and to compare them with the European Union average.

The table below shows the average annual holidays per country based on companies with 10 employees or more. The numbers are derived from the results of the Structure of Earnings Survey (SES) which is conducted every four years, last time in 2014. Employees interviewed all have a direct employment contract irrespective of the number of hours worked and the duration of the contract.

EU annual holidays table


The table shows that the French population receives most annual days of paid holiday leave. In Ireland on the other hand, employees have the least amount of holiday days, namely 18. The average of all 28 European Union countries is 25 days of paid leave. Note that some of these 28 countries are not listed in the table, as no data was provided by these countries.
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