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Data visualisation reveals potential time savings

Save time when you try to get in touch with a call centre

The report Creating value through Open Data already revealed that an enormous amount of time can be solved by making use of Open Data. Analysing and visualising data can support smart decision-making and increase life quality. Another initiative exemplifies and corroborates these findings. Eurographics published the project from Richard Roberts and his team that analysed and visualised anonymised data from call centres. With interactive analytical treemaps for visualisation of the call centre data, the team was able to reveal patterns of waiting time, abandoned calls, call duration and total number of calls. The results point to three easy rules for call centre interaction that save time and nerves.

  1. "Don't call at lunchtime. Not only are you on your lunch break, so are a number of staff at the call centre. Expect to wait. Or to give up."
  2. "Avoid evening calls. The rate of abandoned calls increases during the day and peaks in the evening from 8pm."
  3. "Bite the bullet and call early. Our visualisation shows early morning calls yield the shortest queue and call times."

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