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Discover ASEDIE's 8th Spanish Infomediary Sector Report

The Spanish Infomediary Sector grows by 7% according to the latest ASEDIE report

ASEDIE was founded in 1999 to boost the infomediary Sector in Spain and to facilitate public and private sector collaboration in the field of open data. Within 20 years, ASEDIE has acquired international presence as the representative of the Spanish Infomediary Sector in Europe.

On 19 March 2020, ASEDIE published their 8th report on the Spanish Infomediary Sector, available in Spanish and English. The report includes an analysis of 764 companies that are:

  • Actively involved in the re-use of public and/or private sector information (PSI); and
  • Develop value-added products for third-party companies or citizens in general.  

ASEDIE provides a detailed vision of a sector on the rise at the national level, which provides new opportunities and business models.

The report shows the sector’s development and highlights its contribution to the national GDP growth of 3.5%. An example of how they contributed to this growth is that the Spanish Infomediary Sector employed 22,790 workers in 2018, which is a 3.1% increase from the previous year.

According to the data provided by the companies for the report, most of them are concentrated in the Community of Madrid (36%) and Cataluña (19%). The most represented subsectors are geo data (22%), market research (21%), and economic & finance data (20%). Another notable group is also the meteorological subsector. Despite not being the most significant in number of companies or turnover of employees, they are the subsector with the highest profitability.

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