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Have you seen our latest webinar?

Webinar 'European Data Portal - What's in it for me?'

On 22 September, the European Data Portal hosted an insightful webinar on the value and benefits of Open Data and the portal, called 'European Data Portal - What's in it for me?'.

In total, over 155 participants registered for this webinar, varying from policy makers, citizens, Open Data scholars to business representatives. During the live session, European Data Portal representatives conceptualised Open Data and presented different ways on how Open Data can be turned into value for societal and business purposes. Webinar attendees could also see a live demonstration of the content of the European Data Portal. Moreover, a variety of participant questions offered insightful interaction and strengthened further cooperation between the European Data Portal and its users.

Curious about the webinar? Watch the recordings anytime by visiting our official Youtube channel, and watch this particular webinar here.