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Just released: Open Data Maturity across Europe

For the fourth time, EDP's Open Data maturity report discusses Open Data driven transformation in Europe

The "Open Data Maturity in Europe Report 2018: New horizons for Open Data driven transformation", published by the European Data Portal and led by Capgemini Invent on behalf of the European Commission, highlights how Open Data can be used as a strategic asset to enable successful transformation. The annual report measures the state of play of Open Data in Europe and sheds light into the progress made by European countries with regards to their Open Data activities.

They key findings of this year's assessmen summarise Europe's maturity levels on four relevant Open Data dimensions: policy, impact, portal and quality. The findings emphasise the leading role of a few European countries exploiting the value that can be derived through Open Data and have taken strategic steps to capture and nourish this potential.

The fourth annual report presents new horizons of strategic prioritisation to support Open Data driven transformation across Europe. The 2018 report will:

  1. Introduce a new benchmarking tool for a deeper granularity in assessing Open Data maturity at a country level.
  2. Introduce new horizons for strategic transformation to support European countries in enhancing their Open Data efforts in new strategic areas.
  3. Discuss traditional and new dimensions to capture the complexity of Open Data maturity.
  4. Discuss the different speed and focus of different European countries, which will be reflected by the 2018 maturity clustering.

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