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A mega Open Data Portal in Poland?

New portal will replace the current web page

During the developers' conference Code Europe, the Polish government announced to give a complete update to their Open Data websites. According to Grzegorz Zajaczkowski, a counselor in Political Cabinet of the Minister of Digitization, the current web pages of the ministries will be replaced by one 'megaportal' bringing together all of the Open Data in Poland.

In addition to the Open Data published by the Polish government, the portal will also provide information and eGovernment services such as electronic forms or additional information. The idea to bring together Open Data with more general eGovernment services was born out of the analysis of 2.1 million user queries on the Polish Citizen Portal. Based on these queries, a need was identified for a location where all information about governmental services can be found.

The new portal is currently under development and is planned to be opened in 2017. Do you want to know more about this portal or the study behind the idea? Read more about the announcement in this article on the government portal.

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