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Le portail officiel des données européennes

Open Data portals around Europe: Spain’s Open Data initiative

Harnessing over 80,000 datasets for transparency, education, and societal advancement

Spain's Open Data Portal, part of the Aporta Initiative launched in 2009, stands as a cornerstone in promoting public information openness and fostering advanced data-driven services. The platform,, serves as a hub for administrations, businesses, and citizens engaged in Spain's open data ecosystem.

Developed within the current legislative framework, the Aporta initiative encompasses seven key action lines reflected on the portal. These include sensitisation, analysis and statistics, regulation, national and international Cooperation, national catalog and support, and innovation. The overarching goal of the initiative, integral to Spain's open data policy, is to streamline ongoing projects and drive synergies efficiently. By coordinating actions across various administrative levels, private sectors, and academic fields, it aims to foster new products and services that benefit society.

The Open Data Portal hosts a vast repository of more than 80,000 datasets, facilitating access to a wealth of information for diverse applications. A notable use case is GeoSapiens, a free mobile application offering interactive maps for studying the physical and political geography of Spain and the world. Featuring educational games tailored to explore landscapes, national parks, and geographic phenomena, GeoSapiens serves as a valuable resource for learning and exploration. The app exemplifies the innovative applications fostered by Spain's Open Data Portal, offering engaging and educational experiences while promoting geographic literacy and awareness.

Spain's Open Data Portal, under the Aporta Initiative, promotes transparency, innovation, and collaboration. With extensive datasets and tools like GeoSapiens, it offers valuable information and societal gains. By fostering synergy across sectors, Spain advances its open data ecosystem, empowering citizens and fostering connectivity for positive societal change.

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