Public health data to save lives: An example from the US |
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Public health data to save lives: An example from the US

HHS is promoting Open Data to answer the demand from developers

The Health and Human Services Department (HHS) is determined to use data to save lives and improve government operations. The department is working towards an open, transparent government, allowing researchers, academics, and entrepreneurs to develop solutions the government otherwise would not be able to benefit from.

Over the past years, HHS released more than 1,500 data sets on, held a cross-sector code-a-thon to fight the opioid epidemic and is now developing an enterprise wide data strategy to further support developers in innovating health solutions. "Data should be inseparable from an organization's larger strategy," HHS Chief Data Officer Mona Siddiqui stated: "We (...) are very proactively talking about our strategy for understanding what the demand is for data from our outside users, and how we can best address that demand." Visit HHS to get informed and inspired by their initiative or browse the 7,211 health related datasets accessible on the European Data Portal.

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