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Sharing and reusing IT solutions

What is ISA2 doing to promote it?

From Q2 2016 to Q2 2017, the ISA2 programme of the European Commission, promotes and facilitates European public administrations sharing and reusing their IT solutions. When these IT solutions are more frequently shared amongst administrations, this can reduce their costs and shorten the time to implement innovative eGovernment services. The action entails a number of elements which are all aimed to promote sharing of IT solutions, for example the Share and Reuse Awards contest. This contest however is only one element of the action, what more does it entail?

The action defines a common framework to enable the efficient and effective sharing of IT solutions amongst European public administrations. The concept of sharing and re-use can be applied to all levels of government, services or tools. This means that a broad scope of IT elements can be shared, ranging from IT applications; semantic assets such as different taxonomies or code lists; and even frameworks, guidelines, legislation and licences. To support these elements being shared, the action has defined a number of recommendations, both to generic public administrations and specific bodies.

In the upcoming months, the action will focus on the completion of the Sharing and Reuse Framework and the further promotion of sharing IT solutions. For example with the Sharing & reuse conference 2017 which will take place in Lisbon on 29 March. Do you want to know more about the action and how it can help you share IT solutions? Read all details on Promoting sharing and reuse of IT solutions on the website of ISA2

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