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Spatial data on nearly everything

Czech city of Prerov opens up

Since January 2017, citizens of the Czech city of Prerov and other interested parties have access to a broad number of geospatial Open Data sets. The subjects vary from parking spaces, the location of judiciary courts to statues or local public administration desks. By making this data available as Open Data, the municipality wants to encourage users not only to consume the maps but also to use their tools in which citizens can make their own maps by combing data in multiple layers.

With the publication of the data, the municipality also changed the way it can provide information to its citizens. From providing information when requested, it now proactively shares information by making it accessible to all, decreasing the number of information requests. With this open access, data not only becomes an interesting resource for app developers but also for 'ordinary citizens'. One of the examples given by the municipality is parents who can download data on playgrounds or bike paths for their children.

All data published by the city of Prerov can be found on their Open Data portal, and more information about their policy can be found on the municipality's website.

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