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Survey on barriers and opportunities for re-use

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The EuDEco project assists European science and industry in understanding and exploiting the potentials of data re-use in the context of big and Open Data. The aim is to help establish a self-sustaining data market and thereby increase the competitiveness of Europe. In the course of the project, barriers of data re-use (see here our recent report on barriers) have already been identified and investigated from legal, socio-economic and technological aspects.

Results of this analysis are introduced in the draft EuDEco model of the European data economy. However, to obtain a comprehensive picture of the situation of data re-use in Europe, further first-hand experience from involved actors is essential. Your experience and contribution could help to speed up the data economy in Europe, as the project recently launched a survey to obtain this comprehensive picture about the re-use of data. This research adds to a recently published EDP study on the re-use of Open Data.

If you are member of an organisation that:

  • makes own data available to third parties (data provider),
  • makes third-party data available to third parties (data intermediary),
  • uses third-party data (data user) and/or
  • provides third parties with data-related tools or services (technology provider),

You are invited to participate in this survey. Upon request, all participants are provided with a summary of the main results prior to the publication of the official survey report.

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