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Survey: Open European gazetteer and associated location data

Articulate your thoughts on Pan-European gazetteer services

The Joint Research Centre (JRC) and EuroGeographics invite you to participate in an open survey on the development and use of Pan-European gazetteer services.

Geographical data is highly valuable, both inside and outside the public sector. They form the backbone of European location services, which may include 'gazetteer' services: geographical directories that link place names and addresses to point and area locations. Related datasets become particularly beneficial when used in conjunction with other data, including land parcels, hydrography and transport networks. However, current data is generally bounded to national borders.

This survey seeks to understand the extent to which access to complete, open and free pan-European location datasets and gazetteer services will create new opportunities for data users and application developers beyond those already available nationally. Furthermore, it looks into situations where 'official' data is needed, where 'community-sourced' data may be applicable, and where such data may be sourced.

You are kindly invited to complete the survey before 3 November 2017, accessed via this link. Please note that the results of this survey will be shared with both the European Commission and EuroGeographics.

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