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Take part in the Conference on the Future of Europe

A unique opportunity to have your voice heard on European matters

Have your voice heard and participate in the Conference on the Future of Europe! Launched by the European Parliament, the European Council, and the European Commission, this is a unique opportunity for you as a citizen, to discuss what Europe’s challenges and priorities should be.

What is it about?
It is the citizen-led series of debates and discussions that will enable people from across Europe to share their ideas and help shape our common future. 

You can attend an event near you, share your ideas and organise an event yourself, under the scope of the Conference. It is your opportunity to speak up and say what kind of Europe you want to live in. You can choose from various topics such as climate change, health, or the digital transformation.

You can take part by:
•    Sharing ideas and sending online submissions in the multilingual digital platform. Responses will be collected, analysed, monitored, and shared throughout the Conference,
•    Attending online and in-person events held by individuals, organisations, national, regional, and  local authorities across Europe,
•    Joining the European Citizens’ Panels. Here you can discuss different topics and put forward proposals,
•    Attending Conference Plenaries. These will ensure that the recommendations from the citizens’ panels are debated without a predetermined outcome, and on equal footing.

Find events coming up near you, or share your thoughts on one (or more) of the 10 topics that are discussed at the Conference.

By spring 2022, the Conference will reach conclusions to shape the future of Europe.

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