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Thessaloniki to build digital, collaborative open data platform

Thessaloniki joins Smart City initiative

In today's global economy, municipal governments are struggling with demands to increase basic services and to do so with fewer available resources. The Greek city of Thessaloniki participates in the Smarter Cities Challenge to overcome such challenges. In this Challenge, cities around the world work closely together with consultants to become smarter and more effective.

Thessaloniki is currently in the process of creating a digital platform of collaborative nature, through which all of the city agencies can contribute by sharing their data. This data should then be made available to all: citizens, researchers, companies and public bodies.

The digital and collaborative Open Data platform will enable them to have a large volume of data and information on Thessaloniki available at any time. This will facilitate researchers and academics their research, open the way for the creation of new digital applications helping in daily life and stimulate entrepreneurship.

Do you want to know more about the Open Data platform in Thessaloniki or their participation in this Smarter Cities Challenge? Find out more in Greek by following the link below.

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