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Towards an EU data sharing culture at the Data4Policy conference

The EDP presented the results of the B2G data sharing research on 11 June in London

The Data for Policy 2019 conference held on 11 June was hosted by the University College London (UCL) to bring together academia, public sector representatives, and business to discuss data re-use in the public sector. This conference focused on the impact and potential of the digital revolution in the government sector and the role and contribution of key stakeholders including researchers, international agencies, non-profit institutions, and companies.

At the conference, the European Data Portal's (EDP's) Esther Huyer presented the findings of the EDP's analytical report on Business-to-Government (B2G) Data Sharing. She exemplified the value of private sector data for the public sector, the challenges of sharing this data, the solutions to succeed, and the importance of data sharing collaboration in the EU. Esther Huyer also highlighted that, to achieve a European data sharing culture mindset, we need to:

  1. become aware of unconscious bias in our decision making,
  2. use data and make more fact-based decisions,
  3. become aware of the bias in the data we use,
  4. enrich our data and knowledge by using open data, shared data, and shared insight, and
  5. use our emotional intelligence to make conscious decisions.

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