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What will Open Data mean for the Slovenian society?

"Open Data - open and prosperous society"

On 28 September, the Slovenian Information Commissioner, Ministry of Public Administration and Ministry of Culture organised a seminar in Ljubljana to discuss the development of an 'Open Society'. During this seminar, participants agreed that digitisation and the online provision of data in open formats form the basis for the development of an innovative public sector. The opening up of public sector data stimulates the innovation and development of new IT solutions and applications, accelerating the digital economy. Next to the economic benefits, opening up and enhancing the transparency of the public sector is a key attribute to achieve an open society.

During the conference, the concerned ministers stressed the importance of sharing the data generated by the public sector and pointed to legislative developments that have been implemented to make this possible. The Minister of Culture further underlined the importance of Open Data to spread culture, but also addressed the content specific challenges this brings. In order to help public sector bodies to deal with these challenges, the Ministry has published a manual with guidance on how to publish Open Data on cultural topics. The fact that the publication of Cultural Open Data is already under development was highlighted by several examples of providers such as the Historical Archives of Ljubljana and the Modern History Institute.

During the event, international use cases were presented to identify best practices in publishing Open Data from the cultural sector. Want to know more about the Open Data developments in Slovenia or what challenges are related to sharing cultural data? Find out by following the link below.

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