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Introduction to linked data

Session Overview: This session explores the role of linked data and the importance of web based identifiers in managing data overload. We explore the links between the physical and digital world and look at how the internet of things is evolving.

Session number: 13

Expected participants: Data practitioners, policymakers and those with an interest in linked data

Type: Training

Length: 2 hours

Exercises: Yes

Web based exercises: Yes

What to bring: Slides, Web-Connected Laptop


Session Flow:

  1. Introduction to Linked Data - The facilitator should take participants through the concept of linked data including the importance of discovering other relevant data from within data, the role of semantic enhancements in making data more usable and how linked data helps to support web-based browsing and discovery.
  2. Looking at URLs - The facilitator should guide participants through an exploration of URLs. Using some example URLs selected by the facilitator, the group should look at how a URI is used as a uniform way to refer to a data subject, a persistent place to access the data and (in the case of cool URIs) a way to simplify the subject of the URL.
  3. Looking at linked data - The facilitator should guide participants through an exploration of linked data. Using a selected example and the Linked Data browser (listed below in resources), participants should try navigating through the web of linked data to understand how to move seamlessly between data points.
  4. Future of the Web of Data - The facilitator should discuss how the web of linked data has the potential to alter how we access data and navigate the web. The discussion should be adapted to the priorities and technical level of participants.




Companion eLearning Modules:

When running this session, we recommend that participants complete the following eLearning module before attending:

Linking up the web of data

Completion of the module will help your learners develop a shared understanding of the material before the course and allow you to focus in greater depth on those topics of most interest to the trainees.

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