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Data Talks: Microsoft – Closing the data divide

Discover insights into Microsoft Open Data Campaign and how it aims to close the data divide

Last week, the EDP and the Support Centre for Data Sharing (SCDS) team were joined by Jeremy Rollison for the fortnightly data talks session. Working as a Senior Director for EU Government Affairs at Microsoft, Jeremy discussed Microsoft's Open Data Campaign and how it aims to help close the data divide.

During the session, Jeremy discussed some examples of open data and data sharing initiatives that Microsoft is currently part of. An example is a transportation monitoring project for the city of London that uses sensor data to help coordinate traffic in light of the pandemic by comparing data from pre-COVID-19 and after the first wave. This example showcases how data sharing can be used to address and tackle big societal challenges. Using data effectively and sharing it in a manner that is safe and secure is imperative now and in the future. Microsoft’s Open Data Campaign commits to contributing to this cause. 

Moreover, we discussed some of the concerns and the reluctancy companies might have in terms of opening up data, how these can be mitigated, and how we can continue sharing data and open-source code in the future.

Listen in to the session’s recording that is live on the EDP YouTube page.

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