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How the GATE project lifts the role of data in Bulgaria

Preparing a Center of Excellence in Big Data

The Horizon 2020 Gate project, envisioning "Big Data for Smart Society", is preparing the realisation of a Center of Excellence in Big Data. This institute will contribute to the implementation of big data solutions in Bulgaria. The project is led by the Bulgarian University of St. Kliment Ohridski and the Swedish Chalmers University of Technology.

The infrastructural conditions of a city like Sofia are favorable for becoming more data-driven. The project has its strategic focus on technological innovation and sufficient financial resources. Collecting data in a structured manner could help the city to better develop. GPS data could for instance be used to provide real-time solutions for transportation, urbanisation and ecological challenges.

The societal use of data benefits citizens, while at the same time fosters business activity. This is further supported by the continued progression of Bulgaria's Open Data policy. Expanding and linking Open Data with other (privately held) data sources will be the next phase, with direct impact and projects in the fields of, for example, water management and flood protection. The new Center of Excellence in Big Data will help to upscale and improve the (Open) Data progress.

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