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Let’s celebrate World Children’s Day

Enabling the next generation of leaders through open data

Today is World Children's Day. This event, celebrated every year on November 20, marks the anniversary of the Convention on the Rights of the Child. This global observance not only highlights children's rights but also serves as a reminder of the pivotal role open data plays in shaping a better future for the leaders of tomorrow. Children and young people today are increasingly vocal about issues critical to their generation, such as climate change, education, mental health, and combating discrimination, actively participating in shaping their future. World Children's Day gives them the platform they need to draw attention to the challenges they face, and open data can act as an important tool in their mission. 

As World Children's Day unfolds globally, landmarks and schools don blue hues in solidarity with child rights. Beyond the visual spectacle, initiatives like the Changing Childhood Project delve into the evolving landscape of childhood, comparing experiences across generations. This project captures insights into the challenges today's youth face, from climate change and climate action to online opportunities and risks. World Children's Day underscores the ongoing need to actively protect children's rights. Embracing such initiatives enables informed policymaking, fostering a supportive environment for the leaders of tomorrow. These endeavours reflect a collaborative, data-informed approach to address the distinctive concerns shaping contemporary childhood. 

World Children's Day serves as a reminder that children's rights should be actively protected. Open data, which enables transparency and accountability, can drive change by ensuring that children and young people have access to the opportunities and resources needed to fulfil their potential. By harnessing the power of open data and technology, we empower children to create a brighter future for themselves and generations to come.  

For further insights into open data, the data.europa academy offers e-learnings, readings, tools and videos across eleven courses. The academy covers various aspects, from an introduction to the concept of open data to the fundamentals of data visualisation. These resources can help build skills that are incredibly relevant for children and young people on their mission for change.  

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