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New report and webinar on metadata

Analysis of the DCAT-AP extensions

Metadata help us to categorise and find datasets in a consistent manner. The European Commission published a new report on DCAT-AP extensions in the light of its ISA2 programme. DCAT-AP refers to the Data Catalog Vocabulary (DCAT) Application Profile for data portals in Europe (AP). It uses standardised metadata for describing public sector datasets in data catalogues.

DCAT-AP enables the harmonised exchange of descriptions of datasets among data portals, and promotes data findability, cross-reference and interoperability between data catalogues on the web.

The report looks into the national DCAT-AP extensions given two objectives:

  1. To find out what kind of extensions/instantiations national efforts typically make.
  2. To analyse whether there are repetitive patterns that could be used as an input for future versions of the DCAT-AP v.1.1 and for the current work at W3C regarding the revision of DCAT.

A live webinar on 19 October 2017 (14.00, CET) will be accompanying the full report. Looking for more background information on the Data Catalog Vocabulary (DCAT)? The W3C website provides more insight and explanation.

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