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Open Data for Open Cities event

Keynote presentation by the European Data Portal

On 9 May 2017, the Open Data for Open Cities workshop takes place in Wageningen, the Netherlands. The workshop will focus on the re-use of Open Data and understanding the impact of Open Data at a city level. The workshop will be managed by representatives of three European universities which are part of "Enabling Open Cities" project.

Re-usability and discoverability are one of the frequent topics in events on Open Data and geographic standards. Current challenges in the Open Data community are about data consumer requirements, their needs, engagement and about finding ways to involve them to be a part of the data selection process. These challenges are the central themes of the workshop and will be answered by open discussions, presentations and related position papers. Challenges with regards to the re-use of Open Data are also described in this recent report.

In the morning, Heleen Vollers from the European Data Portal will provide a keynote presentation on the re-use of Open Data and Open Data developments at a city level.

Registration for the workshop is done through the registration for the AGILE 2017 conference. If you are interested in joining this workshop, you can also already pre-register by submitting the form available here.

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