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Policy brief about the use of Open Data

Recommendations from the MELODIES project

A policy brief on the use of Open Data by commercial and policy users has been published by the MELODIES project. The MELODIES project - Maximising the Exploitation of Linked Open Data in Enterprise and Science - was created as a direct response to the European Open Data Strategy. It involved sixteen partners from eight European countries. The project's primary objective was to demonstrate the use of Open Data by developing eight real environmental services aimed at commercial and policy users.

Against the wider context of the Digital Single Market strategy and the Open Innovation, Open Science, Open to the World policy, this policy brief presents the scientific and technical contributions of the MELODIES project, as well as challenges faced. Among others, it describes the benefits and challenges of Open Data, and it presents five public-sector focused services developed by using Open Data. In addition, the policy brief presents three commercial services enabled by Open Data that are developed under the MELODIES project, being a Land Management Service, a Marine Transport Service and a Hazard Information Service.

More information on the MELODIES project can be found on the project website.

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