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Researchers publish literature review on open data

Systematic Mapping of Open Data Studies: Classification and Trends from a Technological Perspective

Earlier this year, a group of researchers from the Central University of Ecuador, the University of Alicante, the University of Southampton, and King’s College London published a review paper on the body of literature on open data: “Systematic Mapping of Open Data Studies: Classification and Trends From a Technological Perspective”.

With the amount of open data continually growing, this group of academics set out to provide an overview of the studies that have been carried out on the topic so far, and provide a detailed assessment categorised into the study’s publication venue, its subject, impact and domain and the various life-cycle phases it experiences.  

In the analysis, 893 peer-reviewed articles are included, the earliest being published in 2006. Until now the amount of open data research has grown steadily with a clear increase being observed after 2009. In 2019, the increase levelled out and the amount of studies stabilised, which could indicate that “the hype is over” and that the field is maturing.

Researchers conclude that:

  • technologies making use of Semantic Web become a prevalent means to reuse (linked) data;
  • software systems are used to fix the technical problems in the data;
  • taking into account the technological facets of legislation and standardisation is becoming more and more pivotal;
  • special attention is given to open data portals and how they can serve as a facilitator for business.

Interested to learn more? Find the full report on their website.

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