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Smartbow: A dairy cow monitoring system

Smartbow offers a dairy cow monitoring system through various IoT solutions

Smartbow is a company in Austria that was founded in 2009 and works in the animal farming sector with the provision of smart cattle management services. The services of Smartbow consist of an application and a website that provide farmers with a dairy cow monitoring system to improve outcomes on dairy. The company commercialises open data by using it to enhance products and to optimise processes for its clients and by facilitating other parties to make use of it. Moreover, theyuse open data from the agricultural sector (e.g. production) and geodata.

Smartbow offers four components: intelligent ear tags, indoor receiver, farm-based servers and alerts. The artificial intelligence systems used can learn from the behaviour and activity patterns of different cows. The system can track the health of cows and has the potential to improve the outcome of dairy.

Smartbow is an initiative of Zoetis, a company that serves veterinarians, livestock producers and people who raise and care for farm and companion animals. In turn, Zoetis came forth from the parent company Pfizer

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