Study shows uptake of open data in the public and private sectors |
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Study shows uptake of open data in the public and private sectors

Public and private bodies are focusing on data sharing and data standardisation to exploit the benefits of open data

With increasing awareness of the different benefits that users can gain from exploiting open data, we can witness that open data usage has expanded and topics like data standardisation, interoperability and sharing methods are gaining more traction.

The Data Foundation and Grant Thornton's Public Sector practice conducted a study to observe and show how companies and government bodies are increasing their focus on data standardisation and data sharing. The study found out that nearly 84% of respondents reported progress on their data standardisation in the past year and approximately 85% of survey respondents reported improved data publication or sharing at their organisation. Moreover, almost all respondents - 93.6 percent - stated that they believe data standardisation, sharing data and opening data will significantly improve public and private sector entities. It allows public and private sector actors to be more efficient in their decision-making process and resources allocation due to more accurate and complete information.

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