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Supporting Open Data Publishers

Recap of the 3rd episode in the “Future of Open Data Portals” series

In the third episode of the webinar series “The Future of Open Data Portals”, Deirdre Lee from Derilinx discussed how open data publishers can be supported in publishing high-quality and high-value datasets.

Derilinx is an Irish Open Data Initiative founded in 2014 that provides useful guidelines and support for data publishers. It draws upon knowledge from user experience, supplemented with external research like the EDP’s Future of Open Data reports. The Irish National Open Data Portal ( is one of Derilinx’s major responsibilities in terms of provision and support and provides users with access to more than 10,000 datasets from over 100 publishers.

In last week’s webinar, Deirdre demonstrated some ways in which data publication, beyond data re-use, can improve understandability, increase use and provide valuable information. Using relevant examples such as the COVID-19 Data Hub, Deirdre showed how digital solutions can improve urban life. As topics such as open data, machine learning, artificial intelligence and Internet of Things become increasingly relevant, proper guidance and support in data sharing is of vital importance. Derilinx enables this through their expertise in discovering, understanding, and using data. The session’s recording is available on the EDP YouTube channel.

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