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The City of Tampere releases new map service

Tampere is prepared for the winter

The winters in Finland often come with snowy conditions. But even in such wintry conditions, one still might have to commute to work. Driving in such extreme wintry conditions is not only fraught with inherent risk, it is sometimes almost impossible to reach your destination by car due to heavy snowfall. Then it would be useful to know whether your route has already been ploughed and sanded.

The Finnish city of Tampere has now released a map service that shows in real-time whether your commuting route is ploughed and sanded. Ploughs on the map can be found here.

Citizens can also sign up for a text-message service, informing them when their street will be ploughed. This allows citizens to move their car of the road on time, avoiding a fee for blocking the ploughing machines.

Do you want to know more about this map service in the city of Tampere? Take a look by clicking on the link below.

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