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The Digital Decade Policy Programme 2030

A monitoring and cooperation mechanism for the EU and Member States to a Digital Decade in 2030 where all technologies work for people

The digital revolution has changed our daily life significantly. The transformation to a digital world offers opportunities to learn, entertain, work, explore, and fulfil our ambitions. Furthermore, it has also opened new possibilities for freedom and rights beyond physical and geographical boundaries. To support the digital transformation, Europe has set up a “Digital Decade Policy Programme 2030”.

The Digital Decade Policy Programme is part of Europe’s Digital Decade, which aims to ensure that all types of technology and innovation are accessible and usable for people. The goal is to provide freedom, protection, and fairness in the digital world, with no one feeling left behind and everyone possessing the right skills to use everyday technology. To make this happen, the Digital Decade provides a framework that will guide all related actions. The Digital Decade Policy Programme 2030 is one of the elements of the framework, next to the Digital targets, objectives, multi-country project, and Digital Decade rights and principles.

The goal of the Policy Programme is to create a monitoring and cooperation mechanism for the EU and its Member States to work together achieving the Digital Decade targets and objectives. These targets are measurable goals regarding four areas: connectivity, digital skills, digital business, and digital public services. The objectives guide the actions undertaken by Member States. The mechanism to track progress consists of key progress indicators (KPIs) set up by the Commission and EU-level trajectories to assess progress. Starting in 2023, the Commission will use these KPIs to publish a yearly State of the Digital Decade report to inform the public about the progress towards 2030.

Next to the EU-level trajectories, each Member State will define its own trajectories necessary to reach EU targets. These ‘national roadmaps’ need to be reviewed and revised by the Member States every two years to inform the EU about planned actions, measures, and investments related to the Digital Decade.

If you are curious to know more about Europe’s Digital Decade, you can read the plan here.

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