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Germany to develop own DCAT-AP

DCAT-AP.DE will be the new German metadata standard

Since 2013, the German IT Planning Council has been working on the development of a single metadata structure for Open Government Data. Following an extensive consultation and exploration period since, on 21 November the steering group of GovData made its final decision on which standard to implement. Taking into account the national and European developments in this field, the group decided that the German standard would follow the DCAT-AP protocol. By developing a DCAT-AP compliant derivation for the German government, this standard can both facilitate the exchange within Germany and within Europe. The new standard will be called DCAT-AP.DE.

With the development of a metadata standard for the German government, it will become easier for the various governmental bodies to exchange information and develop interoperable systems. This will increase both the value and usability of IT tools for the administrations, for now and in the future. Already from the start of the development, it was clear that the standard had to be compatible with professional and international formats. This would enable companies such as the ones listed at to re-use the data easily; a requirement which will be fulfilled by DCAT-AP.DE.

In the upcoming period, the consultation running on Joinup will be finalised in order to collect the latest feedback. Taking this feedback into account, the standard is planned to be published in the first quarter of 2017. After a trial period at the German Data portals, the standard will be formally adopted as German standard in 2018. Want to know more about the development of DCAT-AP.DE or be kept informed? Read more by following the link below.

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