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How do open data portals fit into wider data-space ecosystems?

Watch the recording of data.europa academy’s webinar on the role of in the context of EU data spaces

The developments of common European ‘data spaces’, where a community of individuals share and use data cording to pre-set rules, calls for the question of the role of open data and data portals within the wider ecosystem of data spaces.

On 4 May 2022, the data.europa academy hosted the webinar ‘The role of in the context of EU data spaces’ to explore this topic further. The webinar followed up on the recently published report ‘ and the European common data spaces: A report on challenges and opportunities’.

The webinar’s presenters and authors of the report, Elena Simperl and Oscar Corcho, guided the participants through the main insights of the report and discussed:

  • An introduction to the EU Strategy for Data and the concept of data spaces
  • Ongoing data space initiatives (Gaia-X, IDSA, etc.)
  • A description of the research method
  • The main findings from the study, conclusions and recommendations

The question of which data intermediaries will act as neutral agents to ensure interoperability is underexplored in the data spaces context. In a follow-up research, conducted once some European common data spaces become available and work on reference sources by the IDSA and Gaia-X is complete, the initial findings of the current research will be verified and opportunities for can be discussed in greater detail.

More information about the webinar, including the slides of the session as well as the recording of the full webinar, can be found in the dedicated course on the data.europa academy.

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