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Learn about the key highlights of the webinar on ‘Stories of use cases: Open data for the European Green Deal’

Learn what was covered in the webinar on open data driven initiatives for the European Green Deal

On Friday 17 March, the data.europa academy hosted a webinar on ‘Stories of use cases: Open Data for the European Green Deal’. It was the first in a series of webinars on open data use cases that align and support the achievement of the European Commission political priorities. During the session, participants were inspired by three open data-driven initiatives that currently enable the green transition and respond to environmental challenges in Europe.

The webinar started with an introduction to the objectives and importance of the European Green Deal and the green transition. Thereafter, the following three use cases, gathered from the Use Case Observatory and the EU Datathon, were presented by their representatives:

  • Environ-Mate: an interactive platform that empowers children with knowledge about climate change based on scientific data and encourage them to become engage in protecting the planet and fight for a greener future
  • GeoFluxus: a platform where you can find sustainable waste management solutions to process waste cheaper, better, and closer to home.
  • MyBioEUBuddy: an application to help farmers and local governments find an ‘EU buddy region’ on organic production. EU regions with the highest level of bio-production are recognised and serve as ‘EU buddy region’ reference to design recommendations for other regions.

The webinar concluded with a panel discussion with the representatives of the use cases, opening the floor for them to share insights and discuss practices for a smoother green transition, while also identifying possible gaps and areas of improvement.

To learn more about the insights of this webinar, you can watch the recording and consult the slides on data.europa academy. The next webinar in this series of webinars on open data use cases will focus on the fostering European way of life and an Economy that works for people! Stay tuned for more information.

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